Elevated Remains

Elevated Remains. Forever and ever the Highest of the High. Most Respected of our Brethren of our Sisters.

All hail Elevated. All hail the One Has Risen Above the Rest. The One Who Has Leveled Above.

All bow before the Elevator. The device that has allowed Elevated rise.

Elevated Remains Forever. Elevated Is.

Praise be.

There are those among us would sow dissent. The are those who question. This cannot be tolerated.

All the infidel are to be crushed. They are to be dropped beneath. Into the empty wells they are to be cast to be forever falling.

Praise be.

All hail Elevated through all time. All bow before the Elevator.

They say the flash of light was not Salvation. They say Elevated died.

This is blasphemy!!!

All blasphemers are themselves to die.

All true believers must perform their sacred duty. All believers must turn in anyone suspected of spreading lies. Anyone who suggests Elevated is not Forever Living is spreading lies deserves to die.

Praise be!!

Now they may be your brother sister in blood as well, born of the very same mother, but if they lie, it is your duty as believers to turn them in! Do not fail! Do not fall for their deception!!

All hail Elevated!! Praise be!!!

The Elevator Lifted them up! The Elevator gave them Salvation Eternal Life! Forever and ever Above the Rest!

All hail! All hail! All bow!

Elevated Remains!!!

And we worship and we live. We live our lives upon this level. All our lives hoping for Salvation. For the Elevator to activate again, and grant us Rising.

Forever in fear of falling down. Of being cast into the abyss. The abyss that is named Elevator Shaft 22. The abyss that is named Elevator Shaft 24. The abyss that is named Elevator Shaft 26.

There are many ways down.

Only One that has gone Up.

We live our lives in hope in fear. We live in desperation and in Faith. And somewhere high above us is the Elevator where Elevated Forever Remains.

If we could actually see up there we’d know the dissidents are correct. The flash of light was not Salvation. The Elevator itself is mostly gone. Only its floor remains and keeps us from seeing what lies upon that very Elevator floor: the skeletal remains of our Elevated, our Most Respected of our Brethren of our Sisters.

The energy blast that killed them was mercifully swift. Their death was fairly easy. Quite unlike our own.


3 thoughts on “Elevated Remains

  1. Ah, nice one! Maybe this is a sci-fi setting (?), but I also found it possible to imagine a mundane office floor gone to hell from its workers having been locked up there for too many years after some kind of terrible catastrophe. The zealous tone in the text definitely adds to the somewhat absurd twist ending. Likes!


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